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Thank You Letters From Our Customers

My experience this visit was fabulous! Daisy is such a wonderful esthetician. She is extremely knowledgeable about skin and skin care, and for all types of skins. I did not feel criticized for not taking care of my skin (yes, I do not drink enough water, but Daisy did not make me feel patronized). She went through my skin care regime step by step, asking me everything, including the products I use and the steps I perform each day. I like a simple skin regime, and she definitely took note of that. She understood that every single person's skin is different, and that skin regimes should be built around the client, to the point of recommending different methods of plucking eyebrows (threading vs. waxing). Daisy was extremely open and friendly, willing to patiently explain or repeat everything. When it came to recommending products, I did not feel like I was forced or pressured to purchase. I would like to also mention that I had forgot my gift card. The girl at the counter kindly helped me look up the gift card number, so I would be able to use it even if I forgot. Great!!

Jenny Y.

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